Aug 25, 2012

Twins and Fiction are Soulmates


Is it just me, or do twins make fiction more fun?

Yes, I mean twins, as in two individuals born the same day, roughly around the same time, but not always identical.

I don’t know, it just seems like lately I’ve been reading a lot of books with twins in them, not to mention my own. I think I love twins and the fact that wherever there are twins, there seems to be trouble. The Harry Potter series is a prime example. Fred and George Weasley were always up to no good. There were a pair of really funny twins in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series too (they were sons of Dionysus, I believe). And what about Tweedledum and Tweedledee in Alice in Wonderland? I ran up on a pair of twins reading the YA novel Obsidian last week thought they added much flavor to the book (not that it needed it). In my own series, Hector and Theseus light up the pages with their sarcastic comments but quite different personalities.

I think that is what keeps twins from being too cliché. There has to be some individuality about them (I think real-life twins would agree). It’s even more important when the twins are identical. Especially when it comes to their names. I know how irresistible it is to give twins matching names such as Maddie and Morgan. But in fiction, I feel it makes it harder for the reader to discern between the two because they see them more as a set rather than as two different people.

Twin telepathy? I’m a big fan of it. It gives these characters a power over everyone else, something that others can only obtain by being born again as a twin. If done wrong, it can seem cheesy and lame. But if done right, it can make a powerful statement about the connection between these two individuals. Besides a mother to her child, what stronger bond is there?

Overall, I think twins (and other multiples) add something special to the books they appear in. Even Villains Fall In Love by Liana Brooks had a set of five-year-old quadruplets that I just fell in love with. I interviewed them on Colloquy by Diantha and just loved it. Can’t wait to do it again!

What do you love (or hate) about twins in fiction?


  1. I have to say I found this blog very entertaining. Mainly because i do like twins in books and secondly because I am a twin myself . I mean who doesn't like twins? Whenever there are twins around there is mischief and trouble a-brewin', lol.

    I agree with you, when twins have "twin"names it's hard to see them as two separate people.For the longest time I simply referred to the Mowry twins as Tia&Tamera as if were one word.

    I never saw the point in similar names because my sister and I didn't have names even remotely similar. Hers is Guinevere( a Welsh name meaning white and smooth i think, don't know what our mom was thinking because my sister is neither) and mine is Libertad(spanish for freedom, gotta love cuban parents). The only thing that made our names similar is that no one could pronounce them growing up....hell no one can pronounce them now :P

    I actually like boy/girl twins a lot because then it's much easier to distinguish them in personality. I hate to say this because it may sound ignorant but same sex twins always tend to have similar personalities, tastes, interests and i'll admit my sister and I do.

    One book my sister read that I haven't gotten around to yet was Prophecy of the Sisters and from what she told me it's a great story about twins who have to in the end kill each other as one is evil and the other is good. She loved it but it seemed so sad to me, i wouldn't be able to take my twin out, evil or not XD

    1. I think your names are awesome! Thanks for stopping by Libertad!


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