Sep 17, 2012

DeeJay Reviews: Gaia's Secret by Barbara Kloss


Gaia's Secret (A Pandoran Novel, #1)Gaia's Secret by Barbara Kloss

DeeJay's Rating: 3/5 STARS

Eighteen-year old Daria Jones feels trapped in the cow-strewn suburbs of Fresno, California. And with a dad so overprotective he’s installed video and thermal surveillance down the street, she doesn’t get out much. Until the night he disappears. Following the trail of notes he left, Daria gathers three things: someone’s after her, her dad’s gone to another world on a cryptic mission, and the only one left to trust is her ex-best friend, Alex.

After a heart-wrenching break and three years of silence, Alex is the last person she wants to see. But the more she learns about her dad’s absence, the more she realizes she must go to that other world to find him. Even if it means trusting the guy she hates. She agrees to follow Alex through the nearest of seven portals—the heart of Yosemite National Park. But finding her dad in a magical world isn’t easy with a brigade of dark sorcerers chasing her trail.

Amidst a world of diabolical creatures, ancient magic, and bizarrely intuitive vegetation, Daria discovers the truth of her past. But unless she conquers the dark force that’s hunting her, Daria will never see her dad again. And if the dark force gets its way, the world as she knows it will never be the same.

It took me way to long to finish this book, several months. It wasn’t because the book was bad, it was because I was reading slow.

I liked Gaia’s Secret, though I had several issues with it. I liked the characters a lot and felt they each added their own distinct flavor to the book. Daria, the main character, was feisty but hard-headed and earned all of the trouble she got herself into. But I still liked her and thought her chemistry with Alex was cute. The prospect of a romance between them is really what drove me to finish this book. I liked Alex and thought he was very patient with Daria and tolerated her strong will and dangerous inquisitiveness with maturity. I thought the relationship between Sonya and Cicero (Alex’s parents) was darling, and even though he was absent for most of the book, I liked Alaric (Daria’s father).

My problems with this book are hard to put into words. I liked it but it lacked something. It intrigued me, but I never really became invested in the story. I didn’t feel a part of this world Gaia, and spent most my time with this book more as an observer. I wanted to be more involved, I wanted to feel as though I was experiencing this fantastical world with the characters and not just having Daria tell me about it.

There weren’t too many incredible surprises. Gaia’s Secret, for the most part, was a typical fantasy book with a bunch of secret elements that I tended to forget about once they were past. There was one really cool secret towards the end that made me smile, but for the most part I was underwhelmed. Still, I liked this book and look forward to reading The Keeper’s Flame, which is book two.

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