Sep 5, 2012

"I was creeped out for most of the book..."


The ultimate lucky break gives John Harris and his family the opportunity to fulfill their wildest dreams. But all dreams have a darker side, and John's past is never far away, ready to reach through to cast its shadow.

One hundred years ago, their new home was the scene for strange events that cannot easily be explained. As John feels his past draw ever nearer, he knows that he must face up to his deepest fears if he is to prevent history repeating itself. And as the past and present collide, a force beyond his control or comprehension is looking for one, final battle.

When I received the request to review this book, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like it at all. But I took a chance (because I hardly ever read horror/suspense type books).

I’m so glad I did.

I really enjoyed this book. The beginning was kind of a summary of things that were happening, but it worked for this book and I understood why Black wrote it this way. I was creeped out for most of the book (Score!), and I even laughed some. Because I didn’t read too many reviews before reading this book, I was pleasantly surprised when the true plot was presented to me. I won’t be the one to spoil it for you, but The Nightmare Stone is the spooky tale of how one of our most beloved classic fairy tales came to be. I won’t tell you which one so hopefully you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as me when you find out.

I found most of the characters likable, but my favorite was old lady Simpson and when I found out her background story, I liked her even more. There were parts of the book that seemed to drag for me and sometimes the dialogue and conversations ran a little long. Near the end of the book I felt the dialogue kept interrupting the action and that got a little frustrating, but the ending made up for it. Though kind of sad, it made me smile when I realized what it all meant.

I recommend this book to fans of suspense and horror, but also fantasy and fairy tales. It’s definitely not a book for kids or even young teens because of the language, but older teens and adults would probably really like this book. I know I did.

DeeJay's Rating:  (4/5)

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