Oct 7, 2012

DeeJay Reviews: Steel Wings by Mia Darien


DeeJay's rating: 4/5 stars

It’s been six months since Jesse Shantel got out of physical therapy. Ten years since she escaped the crumbling colony of Nevarreh. And it’s been three years since she last saw Thomas Jameson. But how long will it take to put the broken pieces back together again?

Humanity has been at war against the merciless space-faring race known as the G’thaar for more than fifty years. In the struggle, Earth has developed heavy battleships known as battle cruisers and outfitted them with spacefighters, and the new breed of pilots that fly them.

Major Jesse ‘Katana’ Shantel is one of these pilots, and one of the best. She’s been retired for three years, but has a second chance on the newly dispatched Perseverance. What she doesn’t know is that the former love of her life, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas ‘Dixie’ Jameson – a love lost before it was ever truly had – is also on board.

There’s one week before the Perseverance arrives at the border between humanity’s colonies and the G’thaar, where the ship will be patrolling. Can the demons of the past be overcome before they encounter the demons of humanity’s present?

How far should two people go to regain the chance of what was once lost?

Steel Wings was a quick, well-written, feisty lil’ read with a bad ass female lead that I liked immediately. Jesse was snarky, flippant, and sure – all wonderful qualities in a woman, right? Dixie, the male lead/love interest, sure seemed to think so. As two pilots (and former lovers) who are forced to work together after many years apart, they find that the chemistry they had before has all but vanished. I liked them together and really wanted to read more about them.

I wanted to know more about Dixie. It almost seemed like he was just this hot guy that Jesse fell in love with a long time ago, and though she thought he was special, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to or not. Yes, he was strong, dominant, and sexy, but does that make him special?

I wished we had learned more about Jesse’s past. Events are mentioned and the results are told, but details would have been nice. However, this was not supposed to be some full-length saga, so although I wanted more, I’m pretty satisfied with what I got. Overall, I liked this book, and though it took me like two days to read it, I probably could have done it in one. I’ll definitely be reading more from this author.

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