Nov 24, 2012

DeeJay Reviews: A Prince from the Shadows by J. Curtis Mace


A Prince from the Shadows by J. Curtis Mace

Publication Date: May 9, 2012
Series: Heroes & Flame, 
Blood & Myst #1
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Author for review

DeeJay's Rating: 3/5 STARS

A reluctant prince determined to be a better man than his father, the king, has ever been, Jeodyn spent his last year alone in the wild studying the banned art of manipulating the Myst, an act of rebellion but more in remembrance of the old ways. Now, everything he learned and everything he’s ever known about himself will be tested, when he’s called to do what his father should but never will: defend their family.

Noirlok, Lord of the ShadowLands and Father of the Night’s rebellion, knows no man will stand between him and his revenge. He'll either have the love he defeated the heavens and waited an age of the world to reclaim, or he'll destroy the House responsible. Since overcoming a mortal death and taking charge of the dark legion known as Shadorym, he has vowed to see the Blood of Vallyn pay for taking that love, and his life, from him.

When Jeodyn's sister, Jynn, disappears, the fight to defend what they all have at stake begins.

I liked this book, but I did have a few problems with it. First, the writing was really good. Mace has a way of forming sentences and statements to perfectly fit the world in which he has created. That always matters to me when I’m reading fantasy books like this. However, the editing was poor, to the point where I came across a character being called by the wrong name. Mistakes like that shouldn’t happen. But with a good editor this book would be back on the right track.

Jeodyn, the main character, was my kind of dude. Brave and admirable, but nonchalant and sarcastic too. Kind of the perfect brew for a prince in my opinion. His sister Jynn, was kind of silly and helpless, hence why the book was centered around Jeodyn having to brave the darkness to save her from herself and a stupid decision she made in the name of love. I liked his mother Maranin, she was beautiful and sweet, but his father Thayne was an ass. I’m still not sure if his reasons for being so are justified or not. I’m leaning more towards “not.” The secondary characters like Leye and Raab, were cool but neither of them stood out to me as special. Jeodyn was my fave character in this book.

For a fantasy book like this, the action and adventure were sort of underwhelming. At times, especially in the middle of the book, the action really dragged and I had a hard time pushing past it. But when the action did come, it was fun to read. I still don’t think I fully understand how Jeodyn’s myst works, only that it puts people on their ass, which works for me, I guess.

Overall, this was an okay book, but not great. Needs a lot more action and better editing. I could read the next book in the series if given the chance because of how the book incorporates friendship, loyalty, and love into the mix, but would expect it to be much more epic than this one, in terms of a true fantasy adventure.

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