Dec 14, 2012

DeeJay Reviews: Iced by Karen Marie Moning


Iced by Karen Marie Moning

Publication Date: October 30, 2012
Series: Fever, #6; Dani O' Malley, #1;
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Source: Bought

DeeJay's rating: 4/5 STARS

The year is 1 AWC—After the Wall Crash. The Fae are free and hunting us. It’s a war zone out there, and no two days are alike. I’m Dani O’Malley, the chaos-filled streets of Dublin are my home, and there’s no place I’d rather be.

Dani “Mega” O’Malley plays by her own set of rules—and in a world overrun by Dark Fae, her biggest rule is: Do what it takes to survive. Possessing rare talents and the all-powerful Sword of Light, Dani is more than equipped for the task. In fact, she’s one of the rare humans who can defend themselves against the Unseelie. But now, amid the pandemonium, her greatest gifts have turned into serious liabilities.

Dani’s ex–best friend, MacKayla Lane, wants her dead, the terrifying Unseelie princes have put a price on her head, and Inspector Jayne, the head of the police force, is after her sword and will stop at nothing to get it. What’s more, people are being mysteriously frozen to death all over the city, encased on the spot in sub-zero, icy tableaux.

When Dublin’s most seductive nightclub gets blanketed in hoarfrost, Dani finds herself at the mercy of Ryodan, the club’s ruthless, immortal owner. He needs her quick wit and exceptional skill to figure out what’s freezing Fae and humans dead in their tracks—and Ryodan will do anything to ensure her compliance.

Dodging bullets, fangs, and fists, Dani must strike treacherous bargains and make desperate alliances to save her beloved Dublin—before everything and everyone in it gets iced.

*If you haven’t read the “Fever” series, don’t even bother.*

Let me just start by saying that KMM’s Fever series is one of my FAVE series ever, so Iced was a total no-brainer.

I really liked Dani in the Fever series, so I knew I would like her in Iced. She was a lot of fun! I adore the way she talks, and how naive, brave, and arrogant she is. She’s a doll! I did find her to be annoying at times (as all teenaged girls are), but she was allowed to be so. Living in the AWC world is tough and Dani is out there taking care of herself, protecting her precious Dublin, knocking off every Unseelie unfortunate enough to cross her path, and tolerating Ryodan!

Ah, Ryodan. Anyone who deals with Jericho Barrons on a regular basis is someone I can hang with. He’s a tough, intolerant, hard-ass which I think is hot even if Dani doesn’t (at least, not yet). What can I say, I go for the bad boys every time! But he’s smart and saavy, and immortal (UGH! KMM, can you PLEASE stop torturing me and tell us what the hell Barrons and Ryodan are?!) *ahem* I even think Ryodan has a caring side and cares for Dani even though she’s too young for him to “care” for her like he really wants to. Ha! I love it! Thought it was kind of sweet that he was willing to wait for her to get to the proper age. Hey, Ryodan’s immortal so what’s a few years to him right?

I loved all the interactions with the Fae, even with Christian. For some reason, I’m ecstatic that he’s turning into an Unseelie Prince and can’t wait to see what horrors unfold from that. And the whole bit with Cruce? Yeah, sexy and terrifying. KMM knows how to make those two work together. I have a bad feeling about Cruce, which means, I CAN’T WAIT until what we all know is going to happen, happens.

For me, the side stories were far more interesting than the main premise. The whole “HFK” plot was cool, but kind of silly in my eyes. And we still don’t even really know what it was. KMM has a habit of baiting us all along in this way (like with Barrons and Ryodan) and like fish, we keep biting the hook.

I wish we had seen a bit more of Mac, but I understand why we didn’t. Mac is the shit and would have overpowered Dani in her own damn book. But that ENDING! UGH! I wanted to scream. No, I think I did scream. What a cruel, cruel thing KMM did to us. That cliffhanger is so serious, we’ll probably all fall to our deaths by the next book. But I’m going to hang on with my teeth if I have to because I’m simply shaking with excitement for the next book. Bravo, KMM. Bravo.


  1. Awesome review. I agree with all you said. And all I think is: Free Cruce! xD
    Can't wait for the next book! ♥

  2. I freaking LOVE Karen Marie Moning. I have yet to find anything that compares to her books!
    Did you read Shadowfever? Barrons and his gang were explained in that. (I think it was that one) Remember the end of Dreamfever with the creature and the giant cliffhanger?

    Anyway, the ending of Iced killed me, too...I guess I kinda held out hope that Dani was wrong. I think that last sentence broke my heart a little bit. Can't wait to see what KMM has in store for us in the next book!

    1. I actually don't think Mac wants to kill Dani. I think KMM just WANTS us to think that because Dani does lol

      I did read Shadowfever, however, the explanation was sketchy at best as to what Barrons and his dudes are. They're immortal and they can't die. Okay, but what does that mean? I'm stubborn. I want a clear explanation and I want it now! LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by Jessi.


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