Mar 8, 2013

DeeJay Reviews: Satin Pleasures by Karen Docter


Satin Pleasures by Karen Docter

Publication Date: February 13, 2012
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Series: Stand-alone novel
Source: Author for review

DeeJay's Rating: 3/5 STARS

Bustiers, Birds, and the Blues…

Dan McDonald walked away from the American dream, a life full of money, glamorous women and power. Now nothing can lure him back into the corporate death trap. Except….

Dan’s scheming aunt snares him into opening a lingerie shop in Tess Emory’s shopping mall. Tess is everything Dan has vowed to avoid…sexy, smart, and obsessed with work. Tess is determined to make her life a success and right the wrongs of her past, no matter the cost.

They’re both going to discover that true love breaks all their rules. (Goodreads)

I received this book from Karen to review for the Masquerade Crew, but of course I was going to review it here too. I hadn't reviewed a book for the Crew in months because honestly none of the books caught my interest. We get a lot of sci-fi, horror, and thriller books and those are just not my favorite genres to read. So when a romance popped up on my radar, I snagged it.

I liked Satin Pleasures, I really did. It wasn't the type of steamy, paranormal romance that I'm used to reading, but it satisfied my romance craving nonetheless. I liked Dan right from the start because he was just so carefree and really knew what he did and did not want out of life. Tess, well, was another story. She was a hot mess who got on my nerves at first. She was just so frantic and all over the place. But eventually, I gained a certain fondness for her and actually liked her by the end.

Dan and Tess were opposites when it came to spreading life out on the table and stepping back to examine it. This added unavoidable drama to their budding romance and bits of hilarity because Tess was just so one track-minded on getting the promotion she wanted so badly. Dan spent his time selling women lingerie, attempting to control his stinky dog, and trying to get Tess to open her eyes and see all that life had to offer.

The pacing was good, and the writing was better. I'm just not the biggest fan of contemporary romance nor did I like Tess that much, so that's why I gave it the rating I did. But would I read more of Docter's work if given the chance? Yup, sure would.

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