Mar 21, 2013

Dishin' It Up with suspense writer, Inger Wolf


I’d like to welcome Danish suspense author Inger Wolf to DJ’s Book Corner. Thank you for taking the time to come dish it up with me.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity. It's a pleasure to 'meet' new people and get a chance to talk about my biggest passion.

First question, when did you first know you wanted to be an author? 
I've wanted to be an author since I was ten years old, but I actually never thought I would become one. I thought writing that good was a talent that fell down from above and hit somebody and not me. It was not until my mid-twenties that I realized that I had to practice to learn, and that it was hard work and took time. But as soon as I had that figured out, I just started stubbornly working on becoming one.

When did you write your first book? 
I started to write a novel when I was 15. It was about a rock band that went to London and became famous. That manuscript didn't really turn out very well, and I didn't have my first book published until I was twenty-seven and had worked pretty hard for it.

Tell us a little about your thriller, Evil Water
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Evil Water takes place in Århus in Denmark. Two women are found killed under a heap of stones just outside the city on a field. My protagonist, Inspector Trokic, and the rest of the police team soon realize they are on a hunt for a serial killer. In the book, we both follow the police and the killer. It's sort of a mix between the detective crime book and a psychological thriller. People generally think it's quite scary, particularly because the killer uses blood leeches to kill his victims.

Sum the main character Daniel up in three words. 
Reserved, smart and attractive.

If Evil Water were a movie, what would be the perfect first song on the soundtrack? 
I think Incubus' Dig would make a perfect entry song. It's one of Daniel Trokic's favorites as well as one of mine. It's also got a bit of a melancholic sound that I think characterizes all my books. I could definitely hear that song in the background of a movie.

What do you like best about writing thrillers? 
To dive into the dark side of the human nature. I like trying to understand what made a killer what he is. All my books in the series provide some kind of explanation why the killer turned out that way. To take another person's life is the most dramatic action. I want to know why anybody can do that. Serial killers are particularly interesting because they are so different and seem to have 'unsubscribed' from the human race. I try to understand them which is very hard.

What is your writing schedule like? Do you need absolute quiet to write? Do you listen to music when you are writing? 
I usually write in the afternoon. I like to write in small dark rooms where nobody will disturb me. Very often I listen to music. Usually rock or pop. I listened a lot to Maroon 5 and Nickelback while writing my latest book. Sometimes I bring the music into the books and let my characters listen to it as well.

Who are three of your favorite authors? Books? 
Thomas Harris is a top favorite. I just love Silence of the Lamb, both the book and the movie. Generally, Harris has very good portraits of killers. I'm also a huge fan of Norwegian crime writer, Jo Nesbo. I really like his protagonist Harry Hole, and the book The Snowman is a favorite. Finally, I think the French crime writer Jean-Christophe Grangé is excellent. He wrote Blood Red River which was also made into a movie. His books very often have some interesting science in it as well. I like that.

As an author, what is the best compliment you could receive from a reader? 
I just had a message on Facebook the other day which said "I just discovered your books, and now I just read all of them within a month. They are some of the best crime books I ever read". That made my day.

Thank you, Inger!

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Evil Water

Two women disappear without a trace, and the same autumn a farmer on the outskirts of Århus finds them murdered in suitcases under a heap of stone. The skin of one woman is filled with the letter Y and the other has a rare flower in her hair. Inspector Daniel Trokic is leading the case which goes in several directions: to a tribal population in Africa, religious insanity and a horrifying meeting with leeches. When a third woman disappears, Trokic is under pressure to find out what the killer wants to say with his macabre scenery and rituals.

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