May 8, 2013

DeeJay Reviews: Murder on Olympus by Robert B. Warren


Murder on Olympus by Robert B. Warren

Publication Date: April 11, 2013
Genre: Mythological Mystery
Series: Plato Jones #1
Source: Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

DeeJay's Rating: 4/5 STARS 

At first glance, the Gods of Olympus are as different from one another as salt is from sugar. Despite their bickering, they share a universal bond, a thread of commonality that unites them.

They’re all jerks.

After a stint with the Olympic Bureau of Investigation, Plato Jones is through with the Gods and their political games. Against his protests, he's drawn into a murder investigation, where the murderer's targets are the Gods themselves.

Plato has cracked some tough cases: exposing cheating spouses, capturing treasonous heretics, hunting three-headed dogs. But this time he’s in over his head. How can he solve a crime that’s impossible to commit? And what chance does Plato—a mere mortal—have against something powerful enough to kill a God? (Goodreads)

As someone who likes to read mythology books as much as I like to write them, I had pretty high expectations for this book. And guess what? This book met them. It was fun, HILARIOUS, and full of up-to-no-good Greek gods!

Plato Jones is a "retired" OBI agent that used to kick butt and take names for the gods of Olympus. He quit and started up his own agency, wanting never to deal with the gods and their games again.

Yeah, whatever. After a few gods are found dead, the gods come a-knockin' and the fun begins.

Plato was a rib-tickler of a main character whose thoughts and statements kept me laughing the entire book.

"I said you're small for a cyclops." I glanced at his lower half. "And judging by the size of that loincloth, I'm sure all the female cyclops would agree."

Plato made comments and statements like this throughout the book, but the ones he kept to himself were even funnier.

James grinned. His veneers were too big and too white for his mouth. They reminded me of piano keys.

Piano keys?! Really? So funny. Especially when I picture that in my head.

We get to meet most of the Olympians in this book and I really did like every single one. My favorite had to have been Hermes though. He was fantastic. Snarky, impatient, and just overall fun to read about. And guess who Plato's best friend was? Hercules! Ha! After Plato and Hermes, he was my next favorite character. Even though he was superhuman and super rich, he was also super CHEAP. Like, it was just so funny.

I really liked the world Warren created. Humans know all about the gods and treat them as international celebrities. The gods are all modernized with some pretty cool occupations and houses and such. Very awesome and something that I do in my own books. The plot was pretty good, too. You'll never figure out who the killer is so just go along for the ride. You'll have more fun doing that anyway. I liked how the mythology was tied into the plot, but Warren definitely added his own flavor to it and that was really cool. The writing was great and easy to follow, and I was just able to kick up my feet and just let myself flow through the story. The only reason this isn't a five star review is because I wanted a little more action, a little more adventure. It's just what I expect where Greek myth is concerned, and though there was a little action, it wasn't enough to WOW me.

But overall, a good read with just the right amount of cursing and vulgarity (Yes. I said what I meant). I highly recommend it to fantasy and mythology fans. It's not a book bogged down with romance or anything like that, though there is a bit of the lovey-dovey, but it's tasteful and cute. Warren did a good job making sure it remained the hilarious mystery it is, therefore making it a read that everyone can enjoy. There will be more Plato Jones books and I can't wait!


  1. Awesome review! I love those quotes. It sounds like a hilarious book. I must read this! =D

    1. You really should since you like Greek myth so much! And it was crazy hilarious. Loved it :D


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