Sep 5, 2013

DeeJay Reviews: Hot Redemption by K.D Penn (@DTDyllin and @KenyaWright77) #romance


Hot Redemption 
by K.D. Penn

Publication Date: Dec. 12, 2013
Genre: Romance/Cyber-Erotica
Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review

DeeJay's Rating: 

Epic and his brothers don’t rob strip clubs for fun or fame, but to use the electronic currency to take care of their family. With androids and robots flooding the job market, it’s almost impossible for humans to find work. Besides, stealing comes easy to the gang, until Phoenix steps into their lives, snatching away their bounty and fogging up Epic’s mind with her seductive scent.

Shots blare. A chase ensues. Both sides refuse to yield. And the small compromise that comes is brought by chains and a promise for a bigger hit—on a planet far away from earth. 

Can Epic and Phoenix work together to rescue themselves from poverty? Or will they find another type of redemption, one lathered in lust and warmth, pleasure, and the type of undemanding love that no human can live without? (Goodreads)

I first saw the cover to this book months ago, and loved it immediately. So when I heard there were review copies up for grabs, I was like, YES PLEASE! They sent me a copy and I'm happy to say I really liked it! But I didn't expect anything less from K.D. Penn (D.T. Dyllin and Kenya Wright). I've read some of their work previously and enjoyed it, so I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed.

The characters. Loved every single one of them. From Epic and Phoenix, to the little bad ass kids Epic just happens to be related to, they were great. Their lives are by no means perfect. In fact, everything is pretty shitty for the characters. Epic and his fellow criminal brothers, Shade and Toy, rob the rich to take care of the brats they have as siblings. This might make me a bad person (like I give a shit) but I think they were totally justified in their actions. After you learn more about their parental situation, you'll be like, "Oh yeah. Rob all they asses!"

I really liked Epic. He's one of those dudes with half a heart of gold, half a heart of fuck-you-up. And that's not all that's up with his heart. Take his kindness for weakness and he'll chain you to a bed. Literally. Phoenix had to find this out the hard way. She was pretty awesome herself. After trying to double cross the brothers and failing miserably, she ends up being sucked into their family and life of crime. I also thought the things she did were justifiable as well, though I did get the "crazy bitch"vibe from her. And not in a good way. Read the book and find out what I mean.

The attraction between Epic and Phoenix is instant, but it's not all steam and orgasms right off the bat. Penn makes our lovebirds work for it and the pay off is well worth the wait, for the readers as well. The love scenes were spicy and raw and there's no doubt in our minds that these two were made to do the nasty.

I can't forget about the world-building. Nicely done! I loved the futuristic world Penn created. It wasn't overly done, but it provided just enough imagery so I actually felt like the story was taking place in another time period but I could easily visualize what was going on. The ending was a little rushed to me and I wasn't really satisfied with the way it all went down and the sacrifices that had to be made. You'll understand when you read it. It's the only reason I couldn't give this one five stars.

Nevertheless, this was a great book. It was fast and exciting, and I definitely recommend it to romance lovers. This is my first cyberpunk romance, but I can tell you now, any that follow will have a hell of a time impressing me. Way to get it, ladies.


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