Nov 27, 2013

DeeJay Reviews: The Collector by @VictoriaScottYA


The Collector
by Victoria Scott

Publication Date: April 2, 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Series: Dante Walker #1
Source: Bought

DeeJay's Rating
Funny and almost charming!

He makes good girls...bad.

Dante Walker is flippin’ awesome, and he knows it. His good looks, killer charm, and stellar confidence have made him one of hell’s best—a soul collector. His job is simple: weed through humanity and label those round rears with a big red good or bad stamp. Old Saint Nick gets the good guys, and he gets the fun ones. Bag-and-tag.

Sealing souls is nothing personal. Dante’s an equal-opportunity collector and doesn't want it any other way. But he’ll have to adjust, because Boss Man has given him a new assignment:

Collect Charlie Cooper’s soul within ten days.

Dante doesn't know why Boss Man wants Charlie, nor does he care. This assignment means only one thing to him, and that’s a permanent ticket out of hell. But after Dante meets the quirky Nerd Alert chick he’s come to collect, he realizes this assignment will test his abilities as a collector…and uncover emotions deeply buried. (Goodreads)

What is there really to say about this book? Though I truly enjoyed the plot, I have mixed feelings about the sexy Mr. Dante Walker, though most of them are positive.

Can we say, hilarious? Dante was too funny at times. Even when he was poking fun at Charlie. It's a classic case of boy makes fun of girl, then falls for girl, who was already feeling him to begin with. But in this case, falling for Charlie wasn't easy (though it did happen in like, a week)(Yuck! Insta-love!) Charlie isn't what Dante is used to (she be ugly), so when he's sent to collect her soul, he thinks it's going to be an in-and-out job. No deal. Something about Charlie keeps him from pulling a snatch and grab with her soul. And while he's struggling to figure it all out, he falls for her. Damn, Dante! You're fucked now!

Charlie was annoying and naive as hell, but I liked her. It was her naivety that gave her life and made her a character you wanted to root for. Sometimes I just wished she would slap the shit out of Dante just for existing, but that's not her (and besides, girl ain't got a clue he's a demon!) And her friend Annabelle??? Dante's match in every way. Loved her! Blue was a good character to have because he was that protective layer between Charlie and Dante. He knew Dante was full of shit from the beginning and he always kept an eye on Charlie and looked out for her.

Now what I didn't like was the shallow undertone to this story and it had to do with Charlie's looks. See, Charlie starts changing for Dante and even as he realizes that he doesn't really like the changes as much as he thought he would, he doesn't ask her to stop. Why? Well, read the book and find out. It's for a totally selfish reason and I just think that with a little more creativity, this could have been handled a bit better.

The writing is simple and straightforward. No confusing fantasy world to learn about (happens right in Charlie's hometown for the most part) and the list of characters are kept to a minimum. There were a couple of plot twists I really enjoyed and this book even managed to make me tear up a bit. Can you believe that shit??? No, but there's a part of the story that really sucks and I got a case of the sniffles. Don't judge me.

Overall, not as in love with Dante as a lot of readers are, but I purchased the sequel and look forward to reading it. This book is quite entertaining, if not anything else, and I think it's a winner as far as fun, not-to-be-taken-too-seriouslyYoung Adult fiction goes!

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