Nov 6, 2013

DeeJay Reviews: Morrigan's Harvest by Kaiya Hart (@Kaiya_Hart) #fantasy


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Morrigan's Harvest
by Kaiya Hart

Publication Date: December 22, 2011

Genre: Epic Fantasy

DeeJay's Rating: 

Shea is living a simple, country life and is well pleased with it. Then Galen, the elf guardian Shea's mother chose for her, appears. Between the threat of being carried off by him and a vicious attack on her village, everything begins to change. 

Shea sets off on a noble quest, but what begins as only a rescue mission will reveal dark secrets buried deep within the heart of her magical world. Shea must discover a way to overcome the obstacles in her path while learning about her own capacity for hatred and love. If she cannot balance the two, she may lose more than just her friends. She might end up losing herself.

Despite Morrigan’s Harvest being well-written and the editing SUPERB, the first half of the book was so long and drawn out that there were several times I found myself skimming over events that just never seemed to end. The first chapter is a long drawn out piece about elves (the supposed central element of the story) which is disguised as a story being told from mother to daughter, but comes off as a way to introduce background information that is not needed to move ahead in the book nor is much remembered once the reader actually moves beyond it.

Galen (the elf guardian) calls Shea a “brat-child” and I agree. Shea is whiny and annoying, yet suffers a tragedy early on in the book that would turn the best of us into whiny brats. I did, however, like that Shea refused to be ordered around and wasn’t afraid to stick up for herself when the situation called for it. I loved Galen who is a short-tempered elf with a million secrets and unpleasantries of his own. I also loved Shea’s horse, Aisling, who won’t be tamed by anybody and for me, represented a part of Shea that she had yet to realize.

The second half of the book picked up on the action, adventure and magic, but it took so long to get there that I almost wasn’t interested by the time I got to it. I stuck with it and even enjoyed some of the crazy situations the characters got themselves into, but overall, Morrigan’s Harvest was just okay for me and I would only recommend it to fantasy readers who don’t need to pulled in right from the start to enjoy a book.


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