Nov 20, 2013

DeeJay Reviews: The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part 1 by @Jennichad217 #paranormal


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The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part I
by Jennifer Malone Wright

Publication Date: August 10, 2011

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

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The Vampire Hunter's Daughter is the first in a serialized novel by Jennifer Malone Wright.

Fourteen-year-old Chloe witnesses her mother’s murder at the hands of a vampire. Before the vampire can kidnap her, there is an unexpected rescue by a group of vampire hunters. Overwhelmed by the feeling of safety, Chloe passes out and they whisk her away to their small community.

When Chloe wakes, she comes face to face with the only other living relative, besides her mother, whom she has ever met: her grandfather. Chloe’s mother kept her hidden from the family; now, Chloe tries to unveil the family secrets.

Through her grandfather, she learns her mother was a vampire hunter. In fact, her entire family is descended from the powerful bloodlines of vampire hunters. Chloe agrees to join the family she has never known for one reason only: Chloe vows to kill the vampire responsible for her mother’s murder.

With vengeance in her soul, Chloe is even more determined to follow through on her vow when she discovers the true identity of her enemy and how he is connected to her.

I love vampires, so this book is a winner on that alone (even though it focuses on hunting them.) This first book in a series of six short stories (with a possibility of more?) is a nice start to what could be a really good series if done right. I like how the author got right to the point of things and didn’t waste words on things that didn’t matter. That is always vital in the success of a first book of a series.

As a first impression, I liked Chloe, but really need to know more about her to pass a fair judgement. The book simply wasn’t long enough for me to really get to know her and become familiar with her personality. I already love the vampire Trevor even though we haven’t met him yet in the series, but ruthless vampires are the best kind of vampires (and the only ones worth writing about) and I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble he stirs up. Chloe’s grandfather seems like he might be a pretty cool character, but again, I don’t know enough about him yet to say for certain.

What I didn’t like about this book was the familiarity of it. We’ve seen this before. A million times. A compound of “special” people with “special” powers all living in the human world but their secret community is “hidden” from anyone who isn’t “special”. Been there, done that. I’d just like to see authors get a little more creative. If these people are so special, why don’t they have an entire world of their own? Sure, including the human population in the mayhem is only necessary as humans are the vulnerable ones in a world where “super” people exist. I get it. I guess I’m just tired of seeing the same old set-up time and time again.

Despite that, I look forward to reading the rest of the series. There are vampires. I’m in.things he already had in previous books or chapters, and in a sense, he was. But when it comes down to it, assassins only have one path: survive or die. Southwell doesn't feed you some unrealistic narrative about an assassin who lives a glorious life free from drama and people wanting his head on a block. She gives you the real version, one where the main character Blade is hunted on a daily basis and literally has to sleep with one eye open and a dagger in his hand.

However, the predictability issues in this series are overshadowed by the witty dialogue, fun characters, and a few great moments of hilarity. I would recommend this book to lovers of fantastical worlds, scheming kings and queens, and characters that refuse to let themselves be defeated by fate.



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