Dec 1, 2013

A Black Friday Frenzy! What's Up Weekly #16: December 1, 2013

What's going on in the world of Diantha Jones? If you've ever wondered that, this is the perfect post for you. Even if you haven't thought that particularly, thanks for stopping by. The following is what I have been up to lately.

"So the Hero, Cursed reveal is happening in one week! I'm really excited about that because..."

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A Black Friday Frenzy!



  • Monday—DeeJay Reviews: Fall Into Winter by Eden Baylee
  • Tuesday— Blitz: Counting Shadows by Olivia Rivers
  • Wednesday—DeeJay Reviews: Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood #10) by J.R. Ward
  • Thursday—Blast: The Reaping by Annie Oldham
  • Friday— DeeJay Reviews: Marriage Bargain, The (Marriage to a Billionaire, #1) by Jennifer Probst
  • Saturday—DeeJay Reviews: Night Sighs by Emma Meade

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