Dec 31, 2013

Top Ten Reads of 2013


Wanna know the top ten books that I went gaga over in 2013? 
Here go!

Colleen Hoover is a gem in a quarry of rocks. I LOVE this author. 4 Stars. Review to come in 2014.

Somebody say mythology? A fun romp and shag! 4 Stars. (Review)

Took me totally by surprise. 4 Stars (Review)

Now what a tasty treat this was! 4 Stars. Review coming January 7 for the tour!

Another shocker that I just fell in love with. 4.5 Stars (Review)

Middle grade fiction at its best! 4.5 Stars (Review)

Never really read a paranormal quite like this. So good. 4.5 Stars (Review)


Very few sequels can do what this one did. 5 Stars (Review)


Words cannot express how sexy this book is. 5 Stars. (Review)


This book rocked my entire universe...then blew it up. 5 Stars (Review)

2013 was a pretty awesome year for books. Who woulda thunk a free Indie book (Dark Genesis) would make this list? I certainly didn't, but it's well deserved! All the books on this list deserve to be there, whether published in 2013 or not. You guys should read every single one of them because they are awesome!

Let's do it BIGGER in 2014!


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