Jan 29, 2014

The Warrior and the Flower Blog Tour: Review + #GIVEAWAY! #fantasy


The Warrior & the Flower
by Camille Picott

Publication Date: March 20, 2013
Genre: Adult High Fantasy
Series: 3 Kingdoms #1
Source: Received a print copy for free from the author in exchange for an honest review

DeeJay's Rating


One thrill after the next!

Yi, a retired soldier, has lost everything he loves — his wife, his daughter, and his home. He seeks refuge from his heartache by plunging into a secret mission for the World Emperor. The assignment takes him to the doorstep of a brothel, where he witnesses the madam beating a young girl. Drawn by the child’s striking resemblance to his lost daughter, Yi rushes to her defense and negotiates for her purchase — after all, how hard can it be to care for one little girl? But between the child’s inquisitive nature and the dangerous secret she carries, he gets more than he bargained for. (Goodreads)

Never expected to like this book as much as I did. I mean, wow! I was taken by complete surprise!

This is my first Asian-influenced high fantasy and will probably be the only one I ever read for fear that someone might ruin the feels for me. When I signed up to review this book, I was sure it was going to be a three star like so many tour books I receive. I was so so wrong! This book was wonderful from start to finish, and can I just say it now, hilarious!

The story starts off with Yi, a retired soldier from the World Emperor's army, returning home to find his wife and daughter slaughtered by a faction that wished to obtain something in Yi's possession but failed. It's always a gamble starting a book off with a tragedy, but I'm glad the author went there. Sometimes you just have to punch readers in the face first, then tell the rest of the story.

Yi was a very serious character with an understated sense of humor that had me cracking up. When he rescued Tulip, a little girl born in a brothel, the real fun began! Tulip was curious and direct. She asked some of the most embarrassing questions and I swear, I cried laughing at some of Yi's reactions. Then there were the sweet moments where they were like a father and a daughter and I just really enjoyed those little special points in the book. Tulip's curiosity also put her in some pretty dangerous situations during their adventures together, but then again, everything Tulip did was done out of pure naivety. You just had to love her for it.

I totally fell in love with this beautiful, treacherous world. The author described each setting in just enough detail to for me to picture where the characters were, never overdoing it. I really liked how there was a World Kingdom and a Sky Kingdom. The sky shaman flew around on clouds and had some pretty cool abilities even if they were the bad guys in this book. But Yi was pretty bad ass himself. He could wield a sword like none other and suffered no qualms about taking off heads. I just adore warriors like that *le sigh*

The kylin (Chinese dragons with antlers) were AWESOME! I loved "seeing" Yi's kylin, Fire Foot, go crazy after he got charged up with lightning (the kylin's favorite "treat"). The author's description of the beast was magical and I could picture it clearly in my mind. Always a plus. Besides...I LOVE DRAGONS! You can't really go wrong with a story when a dragon is involved.

This series is called "3 Kingdoms" so I wonder what the next kingdom will be? We already have World and Sky...water, maybe? I would feel really stupid if this was mentioned in the book and I looked all over it.

Overall, this book was great! I don't give 5 stars often, so it's clear I enjoyed this one! There's action, political intrigue, and humor. The writing was fantastic to me. The author didn't waste time trying to show us how many big words she knew, but made it mature enough that I didn't feel like I was being spoken down to. Basically, this author knows how to write. There wasn't anything I can say bad about this book except that I wished it was longer! I so wasn't ready for it to end. Crazy excited for the next one!


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Camille Picott is a fifth-generation Chinese American. She writes science fiction and fantasy books with Asian characters and/or Asian settings. Camille grew up reading speculative fiction stories largely devoid of Asian characters and culture. This, coupled with a passion for her heritage, is the reason she strives to bring some aspect of Eastern myth, legend, culture, and ethnicity to all of her writings. To visit Camille, go to www.camillepicott.com.
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  1. Gorgeous review! I'm glad that this was beyond your expectations, I really, really loved this one too and was shocked that it didn't have many reviews yet. Hopefully this tour helps get the word out so more buy it and read it! It really is stunning and very well done. Thanks so much for giving it a chance and hosting a tour stop with your review!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I was a bit surprised as well that it didn't have more reviews, but I think this tour will definitely spark some interest since the reviews I've read so far are positive. Thanks Candace!

  2. Thank you for reviewing my book and participating in the blog tour! Much appreciated!

    1. It was my pleasure! I loved the book and am quite excited for the next one!

  3. You're right, Diantha! I really, really want to read this book now. :)


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