Mar 21, 2014

I'm bringing sexy (Greek Myths) back. My A to Z Theme Reveal! #atozchallenge


So after skipping out on the 2013 A to Z challenge, I decided to bite the bullet and participate this year. It wasn't really hard to choose a topic. I went with what I know best...

Not-So-Well-Known Greek Myths

Back in 2012 I did Greek mythology, but I chose pretty popular myths and characters to base my challenge posts on. This year I have a line-up of some pretty obscure characters. I think most will have heard the names but not know exactly who it is or how they fit into the myths. Never fear! I got you!

And of course, I plan on making these as hilarious and irrelevant as possible. Here is one such example (links to my author site):

A is for Apollo: Ten Instruments that Most People Would Not Admit They Play

But I also plan on including some more relevant posts too. Such as,

H is for Hermes: eBook Piracy

I'll try to include quotes from my books as well (the Oracle of Delphi series and the Mythos series), which have grown like crazy since 2012. Many quotes to choose from this go-round! Excited for April 1st!

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  1. Obscure myths and stories. That is unique. I actually found a few weird Greek myths as I did mine which were literary terms. I just ask, why can't Zeus mate with human females as a human male...WHY MUST HE BE ANIMALS!!!?

    Best of luck to you.
    Check me out:

    1. I know. Zeus is a maniac. But that's why we love him!

      Thanks for swinging by!

  2. This looks interesting. I can always use a little light humor!

  3. I don't know much about Greek mythology except I want to know more. I look forward to reading your posts in April to achieve that goal! Happy A to Zing!

    1. Thanks! Hope my posts are as informational as they will be fun!

  4. Awesome! I'm also doing a Mythology theme for the Challenge this year. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us.

    Ayden from the A to Z Challenge

  5. My daughter considers herself a Greek Mythology Enthusiast (her words) and she jump off the ground when I told her your theme for A to Z.

    We (the royal we) will definitely be follow your posts.

    Leanne Ross ( & @LeanneRossRF )

  6. This sounds like a lot of fun! I'm bookmarking your site so I don't miss any posts in April. Great theme!

  7. Hallo, Hallo fellow A2Z'er! :)

    I had a bit of a "late, late" like the Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland start to the A to Z Reveal today! Thankfully, everyone has been posting their Reveal posts to Twitter, and thereby, I am able to visit & hop! :)

    I must confess, the last time I was settled into the Greek myths was middle school, and I didn't quite appreciate the lore, the myths, or the stories woven into the Greeks lives as I most likely should have been! Whilst I dropped by earlier today on your blog I thought,... perhaps its time to re-visit and see if I can find something I can appreciate whilst reading about A to Z topics on Greek Mythology!? Consider me a frequent April visitor! :)

    Have a wicked sweet time blogging!
    I'm quite excited myself! :)
    I'm a first timer btw!

    Jorie A to Z Reveal Post

    1. Well I hope I do the myths justice! Excited to start!

  8. This sounds like a really fun theme. I'll be back. =D

  9. Hi there.. Interesting theme. Looking forward to read some very curious stuff this April on your blog !

    GS at Moontime Tunes

  10. This sounds like a lot of fun! I'll be back to your blog in April to see how you relate those Greek myths to various topics. Cheers! marci at Fuzzy Undertones (

  11. Looks great! I'll see you there.

  12. Oops! forget to hit the response button. (It's been a long day.)

  13. I always love a good mythology theme, and this one sounds like a lot of fun. I'll be checking back! :) happy A to Z!
    #TeamDamyanti minion


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