Apr 1, 2014

A is for Asclepius #atozchallenge


Unknown Greek Myth #1: Asclepius

Asclepius was known to the ancient world as a god of healing. Many stories surround his existence, including being struck dead by Zeus, king of the gods, for bringing the dead back to life (Sure, because Zeus never, ever did such a thing himself *pfft*)

Asclepius was also known as the son of the Greek god, Apollo, who was also a god of healing. He eventually came to be known as the primary healer god, displacing his father and being worshipped by the ancients.

So in honor of Asclepius and the start of A to Z, I decided to share with you... 

My favorite television doctor...

Okay, so Doctor Who probably wasn't who you were expecting. But ask yourself this. Do you really give a damn? Doctor Who rocks ;-)

Happy A to Z, love munchkins!

Shameless Plug #1
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  1. Interesting tidbit. I really need to brush up on my Greek mythology!

  2. I'm so glad you took up Mythology for this one, I dont know if that's you theme but I'll be back to check. this stuff totally fascinates me.

    Thank you and lovely meeting you,

    Wendy @Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions

  3. Doctor Who is the best TV doctor out there. (I may be fangirling a bit.) I can't say I've heard of Asclepius. Not even sure how to say it. LOL

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

    1. Now I might be a wrong as I don't know what, but I think it's Az-clep-ee-us. Somebody correct me if I'm tripping!

  4. God of healing ! Never knew they had departments like these :-) Interesting..

    GS at Moontime Tunes

  5. Looks like you're off to a good start! I'd forgotten all about Asclepius.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, sometimes these minor gods get no love.

  6. Yay for little known myths! I've always felt a little bad for him. His death started a feud between Zeus and Apollo, but no one knows who he is. Bummer.

    1. Maybe this will bump up his popularity a bit, eh?

  7. bahaha -- any time you can make a reference to Doctor Who, no matter how vague, ya gotta do it! Great job slipping that in! He's my fav doctor as well. Although, I do have to admit my family doctor is pretty decent so far as general practitioners go. That's a rare thing. And now I'm off topic. Viva la... Greece? ;p

  8. Looking forward to more myths and bits of rare knowledge. Happy A-to-Z-ing!

    Michelle - Modified Editing

  9. What a coincidence. My current WIP, Hope Restored, focuses on the god Paean, a possible god of healing, so I discuss Asclepius. In fact, they are not sure Paean existed and so overtime, the word/concept changed to refer to Apollo as healer or a song in praise of Apollo. This stuff is just so much fun.


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