May 23, 2014

Perfect Opposite by @ZoyaTessi #romance #giveaway

Their wishes were simple and modest. Fate had other things in store though, and she can be a real bitch sometimes.

All he wanted was to get the job done and somehow to endure those long months playing nanny to a spoiled little rich girl. Without strangling her with his bare hands in the process. Well, it is going to be much easier said than done.

 All she wanted was to escape the past and live like any other nineteen-year-old girl. Her plan definitely didn’t include the arrogant, tattooed savage, with his awful mohawk hair and lack of social graces, whose only mission was to stick real close and mess up her life.

But, people aren’t always what they seem to be, are they?

Perfect Opposite

by Zoya Tessi 

Genres:  Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

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“You won’t have to give up on classes. I know this situation’s pretty tough for you, and I want you to go on living the kind of life you’ve been enjoying lately. Just... with some minor adjustments.” my father said.

Minor adjustments?

I glanced at the ‘minor adjustment’ sitting in front of me. Totally chilled, as though he’d made himself at home already, he wasn’t paying any attention to us. He was young, maybe just a few years my senior, but at first glance he looked older. I took in his broad shoulders, but when butterflies unexpectedly took flight in my stomach, it seemed urgent to look away.

“How... just how do you think I’ll explain this to Bethany? Or my friends? I can’t tell them I have a bodyguard, but I’ll have to give some reason for his being here.”

“Tell them he’s your new roommate. You can even add that he’s a relative, whatever you think is best.”

“Are you even listening to yourself? A relative? Of mine?” I waved my hand in disbelief, “Just... Look at him! He’s the very image of a jailbird!”
Author Bio

A teenager in an adult's body. A rebel in the guise of an ordinary citizen. A lady with very unladylike language. A dreamer with a rational mind. A woman born into the wrong era, she still believes that chivalry's a feat to define the perfect man.

Zoya spent years doing volunteering work all across Europe, from cleaning school basements in Northern Russia to excavating Stone Age artifacts in Euskadi (the Basque country) and renovating castles from the middle ages in Southern France. She always dreamed of working with 'Doctors without borders' somewhere out in Africa, but ended up doing an 'ordinary job' in one of the smaller European countries.

Her greatest passion is devouring each and every book that comes within her reach.

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