Aug 12, 2014

DeeJay Reviews: Slade by Victoria Ashley (@hooha84Author) #romance

by Victoria Ashley

Publication Date: June 3, 2014
Series: Walk of Shame #1
Genre: Adult Erotic Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Bought

My name is Slade Merrick and I’m a f*cking sex addict . . . 

I’ve been told it’s a problem. But I see it as a passion; something that I’m good at. And who the f*ck stops something that they’re good at?

They want me to seek help; get my c*ck in check. Don't judge my lifestyle. You’re no better than me. Just admit it, you like to f*ck too. Sex is what I do best; my own personal high, so I embrace it instead of being ashamed.

When I'm not f*cking, I'm slinging drinks at Walk Of Shame or stripping my way into your bed; another thing I'm good at. Every woman’s darkest fantasy brought to life.

So, am I stopping? F*ck no. Sex is beautiful, raw and erotic and I get off knowing I can have it with anyone I want . . . with the exception of her.


She walks into the club swaying those hips, instantly drawing my c*ck to attention. She’s pure perfection. That is, until she opens that mouth, drawing me in and for the first time in forever I want something more than sex. I want her and she hates it.

Things get dirty. Dirty is what I like; it’s how I live. But . . . she’s playing a game she can never win.

I didn't know what to expect from this book, but was not too surprised to find that it had a similar plot to many other books I'd read. This, however, did not stop me from enjoying the book. I really did. Though not a perfect read, I thought it had a lot of good things going for it.

I liked the characters, for one. All of them. Slade, Aston, and oh, I just adored Cale. He comes off as way more righteous than I think we will find out he really is. Slade had the usual backstory–dark past that he doesn't want to talk about or even begin to heal from so he drowns himself in booze and women. Aston is the lost young woman in a broken relationship trying to find herself without getting swept up into a new romance. So like I said, nothing new here. But something still drew me to Slade and Aston and I just liked their chemistry. It snapped, crackled and popped louder than any bowl of rice krispies.

I am a HUGE fan of erotica. This was a strong point for me. If there's going to be sex, I'd rather it be dirty. Slade did not disappoint. The "romance" was dirty and raw and all the things that make you tingle. Sure, the "love" was a little fast (okay...a lotta fast) but I still liked Slade and Aston together. I just wish the two could have had a little more time together before declaring their love for each other. They both had such heavy emotional baggage that I thought it was all taken a little lightly and not given enough attention since the book was moving so fast.

In real life, I do not find male strippers sexy. Like, not at all. But in this book, I thought Slade was doing the damn thing. Maybe it was the way Ashley wrote his dance scenes that made them seem more alluring than I would probably find them in real life. I wanted to be there, slipping twenties into Slade's boxer briefs with the rest of them. So good job there.

Ashley's writing was good overall. Like I said, more time could have been spent dealing with their issues, but I can understand that this would have dragged the story down to deeper level than I think Ashley wanted to go. I can so feel her there. To be so dirty and erotic in one scene, and then turn around and be all serious in the next would be kind of weird. So it's all good.

Do I recommend? I gave it 4 stars, so YES! I think Ashley has written a great start to the series and I'm very interested in reading the next book about Hemy. Damn, damn, damn.

Next book in the Walk of Shame series....

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