Sep 16, 2014

DeeJay Reviews: Just for You by @RosalindJames5 + Amazon G.C. #GIVEAWAY!

Just for You
by Rosalind James

Publication Date: June 31, 2014
Series: Escape to New Zealand #0.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella
Format: eBook
Source: Received a free copy from the author and Reading Addiction Virtual Tours in exchange for an honest review

No shirt, no shoes, no … problems?

Hemi Ranapia isn’t looking for love. Fun, yes. Love, not so much. But a summer fishing holiday to laid-back Russell could turn out to be more adventure than this good-time boy ever bargained for.

Reka Harata hasn't forgotten the disastrously sexy rugby star she met a year ago, 
no matter how much she wishes she could. Too bad Hemi keeps refusing to be left in her past.

Sometimes, especially in New Zealand’s Maori Northland, it really does take a village. And sometimes it just takes a little faith.

NOTE: This 36,000-word (120-page) novella begins about six years before the events of Just This Once, and yes, it gets a little steamy at times, because Reka and Hemi are just that way. It can be read as a stand-alone book, even if this is your first escape to New Zealand.

I've never read a book that took place in New Zealand, so this book was refreshing. I had some problems with all the Kiwi lingo, but otherwise it was an easy read. I read the entire book in one sitting and was satisfied when it was over.

I loved the romance, the setting and the characters, even if the plot was lacking just a bit. The entire story was about Hemi getting back in good with Reka after thoroughly fucking it up a year before. And though sweet, it became a bit boring after a while because we already knew how it was going to end. There were no curveballs to throw the reader off and that slowed down the pace of the book as well. But as I said, I loved the setting of the book and liked the focus on rugby. I don't know much about the sport but the author made it sound pretty exciting.

I thought Reka was a very realistic woman, in any culture. Watch out for the woman with a shattered heart! She wouldn't take any little weak ass apology from Hemi and really made him work for her. I liked that and wished I ran into more female characters like her. Hemi was such a man. Always thinking with his dick, and in the end, it gets him nowhere. He had to put in some serious man hours to get back in Reka's good graces, and it was fun to watch. The only thing I didn't like about Reka was that she jumped to too many conclusions and was so quick to pass judgement without hearing the full story. You'll see what I mean if you read it. But otherwise, I liked her a lot.

The heat factor was kind of tame in this book because it focused more on the rekindling of Hemi and Reka's relationship rather than the sex. That was okay with me though because I thought the romance was sweet and I was happy to watch it light up and explode.

Would I recommend? Sure thing. A good novella to introduce a series. I would definitely read more from this author!

Rosalind James, the bestselling author of the Escape to New Zealand and Kincaids series, is a former marketing executive who discovered her muse after several years of living and working in paradise--also known as Australia and New Zealand. Now, she spends her days writing about delicious rugby players, reality shows, corporate intrigue, and all sorts of other wonderful things, and having more fun doing it than should be legal.

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  1. New Zealand is always a good trigger!

  2. from what I read in the excerpt I am most interested in this book because of the rugby player! I love books that have sport players and sweet romance!

  3. Thanks for the review and great giveaway! I've always wanted to visit New Zealand, so this book sounds exciting to me.

  4. What interest me most about this book is that it takes place in New Zealand. I have never read a book about a rugby player so this should be interesting. Especially, since I dont know anything about rugby. Thanks for the Give Away


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