Sep 4, 2014

DeeJay Reviews: Kings of Asphalt by @alexxandria2772 #Romance #Menage

Kings of Asphalt
by Alexx Andria

Publication Date: June 27, 2014
Genre: MC Erotic Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Received a free copy from the author and Literati Author Services in exchange for an honest review

My name is Zoe Delacourte. I thought I was going to build my future on the backs of Jax Traeger and Hunter Ericksen -- bad boys from the wrong side of the tracks, running the notorious motorcycle club, the Kings of Asphalt -- in my mind, the story had practically written itself. I was so naive. Little did I know they were going to change everything I ever knew about myself.

Jax and Hunter. I can't even say their names without trembling.

They don't see a fat girl or a girl who might be pretty if only she'd lose some weight. No, from the moment I walked into their club, they saw a hot, sexy woman with curves for days -- and they couldn't wait to get their hands on me.

Some people call them bad men. They see the rides and the rap sheets and they slap a label on them. I don't care what they've done -- all I care about is what they're going to do to me next.

But loving them is dangerous. In fact, loving them might just get me killed.

I'm a big fan of MC romances, even though the market is kind of flooded with them right now. I liked Kings of Asphalt, but it wasn't my absolute favorite book in the world. As wonderful as this menage concept is to me, I wasn't completely convinced that this one in particular would work out very well.

Zoe comes from one world; Jax and Hunter from another. I mean, complete opposites here. She's the goody-girl; they're criminals. She's had one lame ass sexual experience; they tag team bitches every night. Don't get me wrong, I totally believe in the "opposites attract" theory, and I LOVED that Zoe was plus-size and it drove Jax and Hunter wild. I guess for me it was the speed in which Zoe entered their lives and turned them completely around. A couple of weeks is a bit fast for me, but whatever!

It was the menage scenario that held this book together for me. I think two men should be able to have a relationship like this with a woman without their egos and shit getting in the way. It was never even a question in Jax and Hunter's minds if they would share Zoe. It was known from jump street that they would, and they had no issues with it. I loved that! Sorry...I'm a freak...but this is a dream come true to me! Sex Scene Steam Factor? Pretty damn steamy! Jax and Hunter were all sexy and alpha bad ass, and that just added to the steamy factor.

Another great concept was Zoe being a reporter and investigating The Kings (Jax and Hunter's MC). It was how she got involved with them. That was a good way to put her in their path, and regardless of how fast it happened, it would have definitely happened anyway. I wish we got to see the ends and outs of the MC a bit more, but when I think about it, it wasn't really needed.

I can recommend this book for menage and MC-book lovers and those who enjoy quick reads rather than longer ones. I would read more by this author as I liked her writing style and I'm interested to know what kind of spicy plots and characters inhabit her other books!

USA Today bestselling author Alexx Andria is the pseudonym for RITA-nominated contemporary romance author, Kimberly Van Meter. Born in a small town with a flair for the dramatic, Alexx Andria has a delightfully perverted nature that she hides behind a mischievous smile.

Alexx loves being the life of the party and doesn't mind one bit being the center of attention (just ask any of her friends or family!)

She loves to write about Alpha men who are wonderfully flawed and just a little dangerous and heroines who are smart and sassy, but just a little vulnerable, too.

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