Oct 5, 2014

10 Cool Bookish Gifts by @VanessaFin, author of Wizard of Ends

10 Cool Bookish Gifts

There’s nothing an avid reader loves more than a cool bookish gift, something to enhance his or her reading experience in some way. Endear yourself to the readers in your life by getting them one (or more!) of these cool gifts.

1. A book autographed by their favourite author

2. Laminated bookmarks

3. A reading pillow

4. Transparent book wrap for protection of books

5. Tote bags with plenty of room for books

6. Bookends

7. Thumb ring page holder

8. Favourite munchies to snack on while reading

9. Reading light for bedtime reading

10. Bookshelf

‘Girl reading’ image courtesy of Pixabay.

Vanessa Finaughty is an author of many genres who now focuses on fantasy and science fiction. She’s published 15 books, of which 6 are fantasy. Vanessa grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and still lives there with her husband of fifteen years, her baby daughter and plenty of furry, four-legged ‘children’. 

Vanessa has always been passionate about books, and knew from a young age that she wanted to write them one day. She loves animals, coffee and the smell of wet grass, and hates liars, sweltering weather and long queues. Her interests include reading, photography, the supernatural, mythology, aliens and outer space, ancient history, life’s mysteries and martial arts, of which she has five years’ experience.

Publication Date: October 9, 2014
Series: Wizard of Ends #1
Genre: Fantasy

A powerful sorceress wants the Queen of Ends dead, hoping her demise will render the king unable to defend his crown. Only the wizard Lashlor Leaflin is in a position to protect Queen Narraki Dragonsbane, but he avoids using magic – at almost any cost. With creatures of darkness hunting the queen, however, he may be left with little choice but to call on the power he holds within.

Publication Date: October 23, 2014
Series: Wizard of Ends #2
Genre: Fantasy

The Queen of Ends has been cursed into a rabid creature of darkness. Only Lashlor’s old flame, Rune Arcana, might be able to remove the curse. Lashlor believes he can find Rune in the Mountains of Eclador. The only trouble is – Rune now despises him, and, in all of recorded history, no one has ever returned from these mountains. Fearing the Wizard of Ends will not be able to bring help, the king goes against Lashlor’s advice by enlisting the aid of other magic users.

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11 – 13 October
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16 October
Sorcery & Subterfuge by Vanessa Finaughty
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18 – 20 October 
The Angel’s Voice, Books 1 & 2 by Michelle Louring
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Royal Wizard by Alianne Donnelly
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Legends of Origin, Books 1 – 3 by Vanessa Finaughty
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27 October
The Accidental Wizard by Simon Ludgate
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