Dec 1, 2014

Dishin' It Up with Donna Brown, author of the psycho-thriller Losing Heart @_mrs_b

Donna Brown

eBooks or Print?
eBooks - eBooks and audio books have changed the way I read so much

Sweet or Sour? 
Sweet please!

Disney or Pixar? 
Pixar just seem to be a cut above at the moment, though you can't deny the influence of Disney. Too tough to call.

Small Dog or Big Dog? 
Small dog then I might be able to sneak it home and get it settled before my husband notices

Cake or Pie?
Cake please!

Sun or Shade?
Shade - I am a total vampire when it comes to the sun

Chewbacca or Yoda?
Yoda choose I

Chips or crackers?
Crackers with an unhealthy amount of cheese and salami

Spring or Fall?
Fall - you can't beat the colours

Super Power: Invisibility or X-Ray Vision? 
Invisibility. The number of times people bump into me I think I'm trialling it already!

Comedy or Romance flicks?
Comedy, though I'd go for romantic comedy as a compromise

Facebook or Twitter?

Doing things right or doing the right thing?
Doing the right thing

Which is worse, failing or never trying?
Never trying, because that is just lazy failing

Beer, wine, or neither? Or both?
Seriously, wine, preferably red

Pancakes or waffles?
Waffles. Nom nom nom.

Night dreamer or Day dreamer?
Night dreamer. Quite a scary night dreamer as my hubby will attest to. And a night talker sometimes.

Chocolate chip or Oatmeal cookies?
Oatmeal. Because, you know, it's healthier. Ahem...

Which is more intriguing, the past or the future?
The future. My husband is a history buff but I'm the tech addict. One of us always looking back, one forward but we make it work in the present!

Donna is a longtime book lover and sometime book reviewer and has devoured books from an early age. She writes short (or long) stories as and when inspiration hits and is married to fantasy author David M. Brown (Fezariu's Epiphany, A World Apart). She was also co-contributor to David's book, Man vs Cat, a humorous look at life with six rambunctious rescue cats.

Donna has lived in many different areas of the UK over the last 30-something years but has remained in Yorkshire for the past decade. She ardently disputes the misnomer that 'It's grim up north'. You can find Donna on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Goodreads, or visit her and her husband's shared blog: B-Lines and Felines.

Publication Date: November 2014
Genre: Psychological Thriller

"I hate you. I hate you with all of Sylvia's heart."

Helen has waited for months for the heart that will save her life. After reaching out to the grieving mother of her donor heart, Helen realises that a second chance comes at a price. The price, she soon realises, is much steeper than she'd ever have chosen to pay.

There's more than one way to break a heart. There's more than one way to destroy a life...

"Tom saw broken Helen, tired Helen, tearing-their-lives-apart Helen. He saw the obstacle she had become through her illness, the way she had - in his eyes - begun to drag his life down."

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