Dec 11, 2014

Dishin' It Up with Rebecca Chastain (@Author_Rebecca), author of A Fistful of Evil

Rebecca Chastain

Thank you for having me on your site!

Sum the character Madison from A Fistful of Evil up in three words.
Optimistic, determined, and clumsy.

Name some of your favorite character actors that could play in Magic of the Gargoyles and what characters they would play.
I would love to see Ever Carradine play Mika and Ksenia Solo from Lost Girl play Kylie (as a blonde, of course). I haven’t ever thought about who would play the rest of the cast.

Gargoyles are portrayed as horrid and ugly in most movies and books. Why did you choose to write a book featuring these creatures?
Gargoyles fascinate me, and I wish that including them in architecture was still in style. I love the idea of a stone guardian watching over a building. (I am currently hunting for the perfect gargoyle for my house.) In the statue world, they’re equivalent to dragons: fantastical and full of possibilities. They’re one of the few magical creatures that come with no rules regarding their shape or form, though I decided in my world that all would at least have wings. I also enjoyed taking a normally fierce creature and making them cute babies. Of course, the gargoyles just made sense for the story, too: The world of Magic of the Gargoyles is one in which magic has always existed, and it seemed a natural extension for all manner of magical creatures to also exist, including gargoyles. Once I knew my main character was going to be an earth elemental, including magical creatures made from stone set the story in motion.

How do you battle Writer's Block?
If I’m experiencing some sort of block, it’s because I don’t know where a scene is going, what the main conflict is, or some important details about a character that are needed to advance the story. In these instances, I open a separate document and brainstorm, typing out questions to myself, then answering them from a dozen different perspectives until I hit upon one that makes sense. It’s usually not the first idea, either, and often these brainstorming sessions are how I come up with the most unexpected ideas.

What's the best compliment you could or have received from a reader?
The very best compliment is some variation on this question: When is the next in the series coming out?

Totally Random WTF Question: Name the creature and caption the picture.
Sharktaur: These restless creatures are loyal companions with endless energy, making them fine mounts for warriors and children alike; just mind the teeth.

Rebecca Chastain is the internationally selling author of the urban fantasy novel A FISTFUL OF EVIL and the fantasy novella MAGIC OF THE GARGOYLES. She has found seven four-leaf clovers to date, won a purebred Arabian horse in a drawing, and once tamed a blackbird for a day. She has been employed as a VHS sales clerk, bookshelf straightener, government pseudo-employee, professional finder of lost sporting goods, and strategy guide wrangler in the video game industry. Dreaming up the absurd and writing stories designed to amuse and entertain has been her passion since she was eleven years old. She lives in northern California with her wonderful husband and two bossy cats.

Publication Date: October 20, 2014
Genre: Fantasy

Someone has kidnapped a nest of helpless baby gargoyles and is using them as pentagram focuses, devouring their magic—and their lives—for a horrific, illegal power boost. Swept into the dangerous underworld of black magic, earth elemental Mika Stillwater must cobble together her limited resources and skills to have a chance at being the hero the baby gargoyles desperately need. If she fails, the city will be at the mercy of the gargoyles’ murderers and their overwhelming destructive magic.

But pitting herself against powerful black-magic villains is proving just as deadly for Mika as for the gargoyles.
Publication Date: August 2014
Series: Madison Fox, Illuminant Enforcer #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Madison Fox just learned that her ability to see souls is more than a sight: It’s a weapon for fighting evil. The only problem is she doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing. On the positive side, her money problems are over, she’s possibly discovered her purpose in life, and her coworker is smoking hot. On the negative side, evil creatures now actively hunt her, and deadly experiences are becoming the norm. 

When she thinks it couldn’t get worse, a powerful evil sets up shop at a local hotel’s video game convention, and it’s got its eye on more than the gaming geeks: it is hungry for Madison’s soul. Madison needs to become an expert illuminant enforcer overnight to save her job, her region . . . and her life.

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