Jan 9, 2015

DeeJay Reviews: Enemy Mine by @MeganMMMitcham #Romance

Enemy Mine
by Megan Mitcham

Publication Date: October 1, 2014
Series: Base Branch #1
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Format: eBook
Source: Received from author and Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

When friends become enemies and enemies become lovers.

Born in the blood of Sierra Leone’s Civil War, enslaved, then sold to the US as an orphan, Base Branch operative, Sloan Harris is emotionally dead and driven by vengeance. With no soul to give, her body becomes the bargaining chip to infiltrate a warlord’s inner circle, the man called The Devil who killed her family and helped destroy a region.

As son of the warlord, Baine Kendrick will happily use Sloan’s body, if it expedites his father’s demise. Yet, he is wholly unprepared for  the possessive and protective emotions she provokes. Maybe it’s the flashes of memory. Two forgotten children drawing in the dirt beneath the boabab tree. But he fears there is more at stake than his life.

In the Devil’s den with Baine by her side, Sloan braves certain death and discovers a spirit for living.

I enjoyed this book, I really did. The pacing was great, the plot exciting, and I really liked the characters. And I will mention that the covers for this series are really nice :)

I can admit that I really liked Sloan at the beginning of this book but toward the end felt she was a bit...I don't know...SOFT. She was a straight gangster for the first half of this book and I LOVED that. But then here comes Baine with his sexy self and her romantic feelings toward him soften her up. I mean, of course, this is going to happen, but I immediately missed the hardcore Sloan the moment she vanished from the pages. But overall, I liked Sloan and the fact that she is a female operative that can seriously kick ass is great.

Who wouldn't love Baine? He is sexy and authoritative and all the things a man in a book like this should be. It threw me for a loop when we find out (like right away) that Sloan and Baine already know each other. See, Sloan is the good buy and Baine is the bad guy, so I was like, how the hell is this going to work out? Sloan goes undercover to bring down Baine's father, Devereaux (asshole!), who is a mass murderer among other things. Damn, I hated him and that made this book even better. I love when the author actually makes you hate the person you are supposed to hate. Some authors tell you who the bad guy is and you're like hold up, I like that person! But not here. I was itching to gut Devereaux Kendrick as much as Sloan was, though she had a better reason.

As far as length, this book isn't that long, but it is packed with plenty of action and romance. Loved it! I'm really starting to adore these romantic suspense books and I find myself reading more and more of them. I'm excited to read the next book in this series, Justice Mine. It features Law Pierce who was a pretty important character in Enemy Mine so this should be fun.

Do I recommend? Sure do! If you like danger and blood with your romance, then this is definitely a book worth trying out.

Next book in the Base Branch series...
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