Feb 20, 2015

DeeJay Reviews: SLEEPING TOM by @EV_Fairfall #YA #Romance

Sleeping Tom
by E.V. Fairfall

Publication Date: February 15, 2015
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Received from author and Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Hitchhiking is a bad idea but Caden is desperate.

When she accepts a ride from the first car to come by she meets Gabriel. He’s her age, hot, and the closest thing she has to a savior. Problem is, he is a total jerk. With nowhere to go, Caden convinces Gabriel to let her stay with him for one night. He reluctantly lends a couch.

That night Caden wakes up to strange noises. Concerned, she rushes into Gabriel’s room, already anticipating his bad temper. Instead, he’s kind, sweet, and suspiciously harmless—nothing like the man who gave her a ride. He seems like a different person altogether, and claims he is. By night he is Tom, and by day he is Gabriel. Caden finds herself drawn to the mysteries hidden in his eyes.

For Gabriel, Caden is an annoying mistake. One night turns into many, and despite all his anger towards her, she stays. She even seems to accept him and his flaws, but he still doesn’t trust her—is she staying for him, or has she already discovered more than he’s willing to share?

Honestly, I'm not sure how I truly feel about this book. I liked it, yes, but there was a little something missing. I don't know what. It was a romance though the romance was as light as it was conflicted. But again, I liked this book.

Rebecca/Caden is as lost as Gabriel/Tom when they first meet each other. They're actually the same kind of messed up from different sides of the tracks. They just don't know it. I liked the suspense of Gabriel/Tom that kind of pulled us through, yet toward the end I just wanted to know what was going on. At this point, I wasn't surprised by anything Gabriel or Tom did. They'd become predictable, until Caden decided to play "god" and then things got interesting. But now it's the end of the book and I'm like Aah! What's going to happen next? How are they going to fix this? It'll be interesting to find out.

I liked Fairfall's writing and the whole vibe of this book. Though there were light moments, the entire book was bathed in darkness and pain and I guess I was just in the mood for a book like this, because it worked for me. Both of the MCs had parental issues and as different as their situations were, they could also relate. Then there was the relationship drama. I also felt they could relate here as well. For Caden, I felt she was clearly the victim. For Gabriel, I felt he was also a victim even though circumstances pointed toward him being the culprit.

Overall, this book was good though not great. You have to have a little patience for this one because it's not fast paced by any means. Also, beware. There's a cliffhanger! I like cliffhangers though and I'm interested to see what happens next!

I love to write just as much as I love to read. I try to read a book per week, which doesn’t always work out, but it’s the thought that counts. Aside from all that I am a huge animal person.

Transformed is my first novel, but it isn’t my first publication; I’ve had several short stories published over the last two years. My main goal as a writer is to explore humanity and to give people something fun to read.

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  1. I tend to prefer dark books most of the time. Guess I like pain? Lol! This sounds really good and well written, though! Great review, Deejay! :)


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