Feb 4, 2015

Dishin' It Up with @VictorrrNieves, author of EPITAPH: REVEILLE

Victor Nieves

Pick a song that would be the perfect opening soundtrack for the Epitaph movie.
Oh, man. That’s a hard one. Are we talking about a song with lyrics, or an instrumental composition? A song with lyrics, I can’t really say! I don’t know that there would be one that would properly fit in the opening credits. At least, none that I can think of off the top of my head. Not saying there wouldn’t be, though, somewhere out there! But as far as an instrumental composition, I think the perfect opening music would be the song ‘Awake’ by Jeremy Soule. That would be the one!

What literary/cinematic influences did you refer to when writing this book?
Science fiction novels written by Karen Traviss, David Weber, Greg Bear, Jack Campbell, Eric Nylund, the Mass Effect series and the Halo series, and even Dan Abnett’s Warhammer 40,000 novels were all huge literary influences. Cinematic-wise, Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Battlestar Galactica, Independence Day, and Battle: Los Angeles were very helpful, as well. They all gave me wonderful concepts to use in my own work, such as Dan Abnett’s vivid description of combat, Jackson’s richly detailed creation of a foreign world like Middle-Earth, and Greg Bear’s astounding technical knowledge.

Name the title (and author) of any book that defines your personal motto.
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

How do you battle writer's block?
I’ll usually get up, grab a fresh cup of coffee, and then go back and sit down in front of the screen. As I sip my coffee, I’ll type and type and type, and almost always delete and delete and delete, until I get it right. I seldom move on to something else, a later chapter or something, when I get writer’s block. When I write, I have a pretty linear path I follow: beginning to end. If I can’t figure out what I want to write at the moment or how, I sit there until I figure it out. That may be one reason why it takes me so long to finish a manuscript!

What's the best compliment a reader has ever given you?
The best compliment a reader has ever given me was telling me that they had never picked up a book voluntarily in their life, but when he decided to take a look at Epitaph: Reveille, he read the book from start to finish without putting it down.

Victor Nieves lives in West Virginia. He enjoys writing, reading, and is a huge horror movie fan, zombies in particular. At the young age of twenty-one, he found a way to communicate his ideas and imagination with others through writing, which he plans on doing for the rest of his life.

His latest book is the sci-fi, Epitaph: Reveille.

For More Information, connect with Victor on Facebook and Twitter.

Genre: Sci-Fi

In year 2343, the galaxy receives a deadly wake-up call...

Nearly three-hundred years have passed since humanity ascended to the stars, joining with a conglomeration of alien races all living under the rule of a single, united community - the United Galactic Coalition - a joint, multi-species alliance that upholds the principles of democracy, freedom, and equality for all races.

The Milky Way Galaxy's future looks bright ...

Until a research team uncovers a mysterious crystal buried deep beneath the surface of a frontier world on the edge of settled space. This discovery proves to be the catalyst for an invasion from an unknown alien force that is just as ruthless as they are mysterious.

As the races of the galaxy are catapulted into a vicious fight for their very survival, fate hastily throws together a legendary admiral with a dark past, a brilliant scientist with precious little time to find the answers, an elite Special Forces Operative who must come to terms with a past failure, a spunky young military officer for whom this war is a baptism by fire, and a top notch Marine who will discover a truth that will define him as a hero.

These five men and women hold not only the keys to their own survival, but the survival of their entire civilization. With the clock ticking, the race to uncover the truth begins. As they try to fend off this cruel and merciless alien foe, this handful of soldiers must discover what secrets this crystal could hold that would be worth the destruction of all life in the galaxy. But the question is ...

... Can they do it in time?

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