Aug 6, 2015

Dishin' It Up with @jaynefrostbooks, author of Gone For You

Jayne Frost

Compose a Tweet (140 characters or less) that sums up Gone For You.
Sexy rocker Cameron Knight has to choose between the music he loves...and the women he can't live without...GONE FOR YOU @JayneFrostBooks

If Gone For You were a movie, who would be the perfect actors to play Cameron and Lily?
If Gone for You were a movie, I picture Charlie Hunnam as the perfect Cameron, even though there is another character in the book that fits this actor to a tee. Charlie is super sexy with a touch of humility. And, let’s face it; he’s easy on the eyes. For some reason I’ve always pictured Margot Robbie for the part of Lily. Classy, self-assured, independent and gorgeous.

When you're not writing, what do you do for fun?
Writing is what I do for fun! When I’m not writing books, I still enjoy writing to relax. But, I love to go to the beach and lay in the sun. Often, I still have a pen and paper in my hand. At the very least, I’m reading. I love to read. And, yes, I read romance.

When writer's block hits, what's the first thing you do?
If I’ve got writer’s block, I write. Which is hard, because writer’s block is aptly named. It’s like a brick in your head. I try to write though it. Piece by piece, I chip away at the stone with my pen. I use the old-fashioned pen and paper method if I’m really blocked. It seems to free up my creativity a little bit more.

How do you handle negative reviews?
Negative reviews are tough. I try not to let them affect me. I think of it this way: reviews are a public expression of a private opinion. I can’t please everyone. Not with my writing or anything else. As long as I’ve written the very best book I can, I TRY to keep it in perspective. Notice I said “try.” I don’t always succeed.

What's the best compliment you've ever received from a reader?
The best compliment that I’ve ever received from a reader is that my story was well written. Sometimes you don’t hear that. A reader might tell you they liked the book and go into great detail about what they liked about the story. But, if someone tells me my book is well written it means the world to me. Because I know that if written well, a book takes the reader on a journey. And I love to be part of that journey.

So…who is Jayne?

As a writer you would think that would be a simple question…but it’s not. I spend so much time living in my characters heads, listening to their voices, that sometimes I forget about my own.

I guess I should start with the basics: the backstory. I was born and raised in California. At this point, I’m usually asked what it was like to grow up near the beach, but sadly, I don’t know. I grew up in the “other” part of California. Perfect for an aspiring writer, if you ask me. You learn a lot about keeping yourself busy when the nearest house is a mile away…and it belongs to your grandparents.

I spent all my time with my nose in a book, living vicariously through the characters, until I wrote a book of my own. I was ten at the time. It was a scintillating piece that cast the family pet as the protagonist.

By the time I went to high school, I moved on to romance. Why? Because I met my very own prince charming. I wrote love poems in my journal about the green-eyed boy who stole my heart. He promised, the way all storybook heroes do, to sweep me away and take me on a grand adventure. And he did.

We picked up and moved to the Lone Star State and began the story of us. The best stories begin without a road map or a compass. Veering off course makes the journey so much more interesting.

True to form, just when I thought my life was set, we started the next adventure. I traded in my cowboy boots and followed my green-eyed boy to Las Vegas. My home will always be in Texas, but my heart is anywhere that he is. Our beautiful daughter made the journey with us. Our son stayed in Texas, to write his own story.

Somehow, in the midst of the chaos that is our life, I find time to write. Writing is what I love. I might stray from romance every now and then if that is what moves me…but I always come back. Some of the stories don’t seem romantic at all. They are gritty stories about flawed characters that find each other and hold on tight. Those are the stories that speak to me. Because that’s life. I believe that every story should have a happy ending—even the difficult ones.

Publication Date: April 28, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance

As the guitarist for the rock band Caged, I know the rules: no relationships. No complications. Leave ‘em smiling when you go, but always go. Besides, it’s not like I’m ever in one place for more than a few days at a time. As the next hottest thing out of Austin, the band and me are riding the wave, and the music is all that matters.

Until her…

Lily Tennison has “complication” written across her beautiful face. But I can’t get involved. The timing’s all wrong. But she’s under my skin, and I can’t resist her troubled eyes and sweet smile. And I do have a little time to kill. Not much, just a few days in Dallas.

So I’ll scratch the itch and move on, like I always do.

Simple, right?

Note: You won't need to turn up the heat—Sixth Street Bands Romances have plenty of steamy fun. This story can be read as a stand-alone but is part of the Sixth Street Bands music scene.

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