Sep 23, 2015


Seller: Blami Arts
Type: Art Supplies
Source: Received at a discount from the seller and I never guarantee a positive rating.

When I saw these markers being offered in my review group, I instantly thought: I can use those at work. I'm a Starbucks manager in my amazingly boring real life and often we have to create ad boards for new promotions the company has coming up.

Recently, I had to create a board for the new Mobile Order and Pay promotion. I used three colors from the set: white, orange and lime green.

I used them on a black chalkboard. Here's what I did:

Though the colors came out nice, it took like two or three layers to make the color really pop. When I tried to edge the green with the orange, the green easily chipped away. This could have been because I put it on too thick or maybe it was the surface of the board. Either way, I had to make sure the colors didn't touch when I realized it peeled so easily.

What really lost points for me were the marker tips. They were very spongy and not durable and the white marker had a split in it so it created a gap whenever I used it. After a few uses I can see these tips becoming an annoyance and leaving a splotchy mess all over whatever you use them on.

Overall, I like the markers and will continue to use them but I can't say they'd be my first choice of chalk marker.

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