Mar 13, 2016

Despite their pasts, they develop SOMETHING REAL by @AGreyAuthor #RealBlast

Marcy Townsend is the new girl in town, according to the book club she’s joined. The friendships she has formed are growing, her new job is fulfilling and the new house is beginning to feel like home. Those new friends, though, don’t know what brought Marcy here. An accident that left Marcy injured—maybe permanently—has kept her from opening up to this new crowd. When the blind dates start, Marcy smiles and goes along, not expecting to be attracted to a man she meets on one.

Aaron Derrick lost his submissive to ambition. In the months since she left to find bigger things in her career, Aaron has fallen off the radar and kept to himself. But after he meets a mystery woman in a café, Aaron finds himself wondering if he could be missing out on something by avoiding the friendships he had before.

At the Sanctuary, a play space for the local kink community, Aaron and Marcy discover the wide web woven between them. Among friends, old and new, they try to discover if the two of them, despite their pasts, can develop something real.

Publication Date: December 15, 2015
Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: More than Something #1

An avid reader from the beginning, Abigail Grey was first introduced to romance novels as she snuck them from her mother's bookshelf. After publication in a collection of short stories, Abigail was encouraged by her local book club to continue.

Abigail lives in a small town in Western Michigan, working and writing from home. She counts herself lucky to be named a leader in her local kink community and, when not writing and reading, Abigail can be found at the local community theatre, fostering theatre geekhood in the younger generations.

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