Mar 26, 2016

They call him the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Show N' Read Saturday: DAREDEVIL

Title: Daredevil
TV Station: Netflix/Marvel
Genre: Superhero/Comic Books
No. of Seasons: 2
My Favorite Character: Matthew Murdoch/Daredevil
Can kids watch? I wouldn't suggest it. But teenagers are cool.

Daredevil is one of those shows you're not sure about before starting, but once episode one is done, you're 100% sold. I've fallen head over heels in love with all of the comic book shows and movies, and this is just another one I'm obsessed with. Season 2 was just added to Netflix, I've already binge watched it and I'm already jonesing for season 3.

Let's just start with the casting. It's top notch. Charlie Cox plays blind, daytime lawyer Matthew Murdock and they couldn't have picked a better man to play him. When he left Boardwalk Empire, I wondered why for so long. Then when Daredevil came out, I realized why and I wasn't mad anymore. I think Cox really owns the role and I'm convinced that he's the best man for the job. His fellow partner at the law firm, Foggy Nelson, is played by Elden Henson. Again, another great casting choice, as well as Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood) as Karen Page, the firm's secretary. This trio was just meant to be together and I really think the romance between Matt and Karen is really cute. It's not a major plot point in season one but in season two they finally take a chance and it's darling, but also frustrating since Matt is an ASS. But you have to watch it to understand.

The villains. OMG, YES! In season one, it's Wilson Fisk. He's a wealthy businessman who uses money and threats to intimidate and control Hell's Kitchen. He was a formidable opponent for the "Devil of Hell's Kitchen", but in season two it gets amped up to one thousand when Frank Castle aka "The Punisher" (Jon Bernthal) starts terrorizing Hell's Kitchen to get revenge for his murdered family. First of all, Castle is a straight GANGSTER in this show. Much more dangerous than the Thomas Jane version, but not as reckless as the TV show version. Who was that played by again? Should look it up, but I'm too lazy. Never mind, he's SO boss in this show and by the end of the season, you're stunned by everything that happened. There's also the threat of some mysterious organization called "The Hand" and they ain't playing with the world. It's all wonderfully tangled together, though sometimes confusing.

Which brings me to my next point. In season one, the show was flawless in its execution of the plot. It was streamlined and easy to follow and I totally loved it. Season two went a little haywire with the storytelling because they added too many limbs to the plot tree and the execution was really that awesome. To be honest, the first 6 episodes were pretty mediocre. All except the stairwell fight scene in episode 3, which was AMAZING. Otherwise, boring. It did pick up and I couldn't stop watching it, but it just took a while to get there. All in all, the action was great, but there was too much talking for me. I get that the show had a lot to explain, but that's because they did too much at one time. And don't forget about Elektra. The storyline about her just made me roll my eyes. She just kept getting in the way of everything else that was going on and I almost wished she fell on one of her own daggers at one point. But I got over it. Overall, though the show can be confusing at times, the plots are pretty interesting and I can't wait to see how they further develop in season 3.

So if you're a Marvel fan, this is a winner for them. It's an absolute must watch and I highly recommend it. Since it's exclusively on Netflix, binge watching is the move, lol. The only problem is that you'll be drooling for the season 3 afterwards and kicking yourself for blowing through season 2 so fast...just like me!

Published: December 2, 2015

Everyone needs a hero.
That’s what Detective Molly Masters tells me. “What we need,” she says, “what the whole world needs,” she pleads, “is a champion.”
The only thing I want to talk about with Molly Masters is how I’d like to make her scream my name when I push her up against a wall, slide my hand up her thigh, and live out my wildest fantasies.
“Someone who will fight against injustice,” she says.
I’ll fight against anything you want, honey. Just come a little closer.
“Someone who will stand tall in the face of adversity,” she says.
I’ll do it standing, sitting, or lying down. See how easy I am?
“Someone who believes in the value of a good deed,” she says.
I believe in the value of me, sweetheart. Because I’m Lincoln Wade. Jaded genius, obscenely wealthy, capable of violence, and looking for revenge.
Molly Masters might have delusions of grandeur. She might see me as some superman capable of cleaning up the scum, filth, and corruption in Cathedral City.
But I’m not the hero she’s looking for.
I’m the dark alley where all her good intentions hide.
So be careful what you wish for, Molly Masters.
Because you’re about to get it.


I've read other books by J.A. Huss and loved them, so I was definitely drawn to this superhero book written by her. Just like Daredevil, there's romance and action, so it's right up my alley. I've already bought the book and I'm eager to get started reading it!


  1. I absolutely love this! I definitely watched Daredevil on a whim. I had no idea what it was about and yet I just saw a hot guy and clicked on it. I love Charlie Cox. It's so amazing how good he is at playing a blind man. It's so hard not to look at someone in the eye when they're talking to you! I wish everyone were watching this but the fact that it's not on TV (or is it) makes it irrelevant in the minds of some people. UGHHH WE NEED TO SPREAD THE LOVE!! <3

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Hahaha! Yeah this show is great! No, it's not on TV because it's a Netflix exclusive, which is AWESOME. I'm such a fan of binge-watching shows that if I had to wait a week between episodes, I might kill over LOL. But it's nice to meet another fan besides my employees at work, lol.


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